Even though I have translated academic papers on Korean philosophy, street interviews, and non-academic journal articles, I have been most active in literary translation from Korean to English. While I think literary translation is a distinctive art genre that plays with the delicate difference between the languages, I believe that the finest quality can be attained only when a translator truthfully translates the original work. And by “truthfully,” I do not mean either a literal or liberal translation but a clever combination of both that reenacts the reading experience of Korean readers.

With this belief, in December 2014, I began to translate and share Korean poems in English on AhnTranslation. Since then, I have translated for Humans of Seoul (Dec. 2015 – present), ILDA South Korean Feminist Journal (Jan. 2017 – Jan. 2018), and Time to Read Poems, the Documentary (Oct. 2016). My translations of Korean poems have also appeared in different venues, such as a middle school IB textbook and the official use of the Bucheon City of Literature.

In addition, in December 2016, I embarked on a Korean literary magazine project and have been a founder and an Editor-in-Chief of Nabillera: Contemporary Korean Literature since then. Through Nabillera, I hope to introduce novel attempts taking place in the Korean literary circle to English readers.

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