Hello, my name is Shyun Jeong Ahn (안정수현, 安丁秀賢), of which Jeong is my mother’s last name and my middle name. You can pronounce my name either as “s-hyun”(su-hyun) or “sh-yun”(shawn). Born and grew up in Daegu, South Korea, I am a Korean-American who identify with both sides of this status.

As of Fall 2019, I will be a doctoral student in East Asian Studies at Princeton University. My interest area mainly involves Korean cultural studies, though not limited to the geographical boundary of the Korean peninsula. Specifically, I like to think about a queer analysis of modern Korean intellectual and ideological discourses as well as their literary and cinematic examples. I received my undergraduate education at Tufts University, where I double-majored in Philosophy and International Literary and Visual Studies (comparative literature).

In my free time, I translate Korean poems into English and write short stories. I also run a Korean-English translation magazine Nabillera: Contemporary Korean Literature.