Translation / Creative Works

Professional History

Editor-in-Chief | Nabillera: Contemporary Korean Literature (December 2016 – present)

  • First edition: October 2017
  • I am organizing a literary translation journal for contemporary Korean literature. The mission of the journal is to introduce new, emerging, and established Korean writers, poets, and critics to the English-speaking audience. In addition, we try to open up space where the readers can start and engage in the dialogue about contemporary Korean literature.  With the help of volunteer translators, editors, and communicators, I aim to publish the first edition in fall 2017.
  • Link to Nabillera: Contemporary Korean Literature

Translator / Proofreader | Humans of Seoul (December 2015 – June 2019)

  • sub-project: Learning Korean with Humans of Seoul
  • Inspired by Humans of New York, Humans of Seoul [HoS] shares portraits and life stories of people in Seoul. HoS has more than 120,000 subscribers on Facebook and yet more subscribers on Tumblr and Instagram. I work with other translators in a team to provide a precise translation of the interviews. In addition, as a regular member, I take part in making an administrative decision like hiring new translators.
  • Link to Humans of Seoul Facebook Page (main platform)

Translator | Ahn Translation (November 2015 – January 2018)

  • I translated and introduced modern Korean poems that were written in the 20th century and early 21st century. From January 2016 to July 2017, people from 83 different countries and territories have visited my blog.
  • Link to Ahn Translation

Translator | ILDA South Korean Feminist Journal (January 2017 – January 2018)

  • I translated articles for a non-profit feminist journal that started in 2003 in South Korea. The magazine deals with various issues of feminism from news related to feminist activism to personal anecdotes about living as a woman in South Korea.
  • Korean main page | English blog


Publications and Works

Translation of Glory Hole

  • Poet: Kim Hyun
  • Contract signed with Seagull Books
  • Will be a part of the Pride List, a collection of world queer literature (translated) in English
  • Expected to be published in spring 2021

Translation of “Nongae” 

  • Poet: Byun Yeongro
  • For Bucheon City of Literature’s official use (2018)

Translation of “In the Glass Coffin” in Language and Literature for the IB MYP 2 

  • Poet: Kim Myeong-sun | Author: Zara Kaiserimam
  • My translation of “In the Glass Coffin” is featured in a textbook for International Baccalaureate students.
  • Published in February 2018

Translation of Time to Read Poems, the Documentary

  • Director: Soo Jung Lee
  • The documentary Time to Read Poems was screened at Busan International Film Festival, one of the biggest movie festivals in the Asian continent. In the documentary, people in different professions and age talk about their economic, emotional, gender, and existential struggles. The interviewees then share their favorite poems or poems of their own. I translated the entire documentary from Korean to English, including seven contemporary Korean poems.
  • Released on October 6, 2016
  • Daum Movie (In Korean)