Hi, my name is Shyun J. Ahn. I am an undergraduate student studying comparative literature (International Literary and Visual Studies) and philosophy at Tufts University. My primary academic interest involves KAPF and North Korean literature and cinema. I am especially interested in studying how sexuality is configured in cultural products during the Japanese occupation of Korea and national division. Also, while this is still a wild imagination, I would like to explore the possibility of applying a concept that is similar to deconstruction in East Asian philosophy to gender and queer theories.

Other than academics, I translate and write short stories and poems in my free time. I primarily translate Korean texts to English, and I write in both languages. I hope to continue engaging in academic discourses after graduation in December 2018 through enrolling in a postgraduate institution, and I am currently in search of East Asian Languages and Cultures doctorate programs that match my academic interests and experience. 

If you are interested in getting in touch, please send me an email to shyun.j.ahn@gmail.com. Also, please check out my website and/or curriculum vitae to see the details of my academics and translation experience. Thank you.

Shyun J. Ahn

Curriculum Vitae


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